13 oct. 2011

One year of studying and one year without Paris. Serious melancholy-breakdown-day.
+ my two favorite people in the world are in different cities. Well I'll just go for a walk.
 Any ideas how to distract myself? Please leave a comment.

The highlight of my trip to Hamburg and Berlin was definetly the Helmut Newton exhibition (in Berlin, go see it, it's fucking amazing). Besides seeing many favorites there were lots of treasures I had never seen before such as personal belongings and heart moving letters written to his wife when he died. 
Otherwise we hung out at Clärchens Ballhaus and had insanely huge artichokes, burgers and best Sundae ever at White Trash, already two of my favorite places in the world.
photos: Helmut (R.I.P.)

1 oct. 2011

Two weeks ago  my friends L and I celebrated their bdays together and we went to the Oktoberfest.
Really wasn't in the mood to get one of those Dirndls that looks like you got it from the sex shop but then I found one in a Second Hand store that I really liked. It's old, simple and red. The flower crown is hand made and the cardigan from my gran.
photo: Thomas Splett

There was a Twin Peaks Festival the beginning of August in Noth Bend, Washington. Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee were there and I really would have loved to go to this amazingly nerdy but genious event. Shit.