26 oct. 2012

One night we came back from our roadtrip and brought coquille St. Jaques, oysters, Pastis, Chartreuse, massive amounts of cheese and my favorite french detergent 'Bouquet du Provence'.
I wish France were even closer.

28 sept. 2012


The Lover one of my favourite movies and books written by Marguerite Duras. A young french girl living in the french colonie of Indochine in the 20's has an affair with a chinese man from a wealthy background. Forbidden, perverse and the most beautiful love story I know.
Read it, watch it, love it!

11 sept. 2012

Some more photos. Home, Munich and home again. Must have been some time March through July.

A concert, Amsterdam, dinner at a greek restaurant and basically finally some photos by me. Still learning a lot.

28 août 2012

Impressions of the place where I grew up. It's my number one get away from city life and always makes me feel I'm on vacation. Now that summer is coming to an end and I will not be able to visit before it gets cold I'm looking forward to winter on this enchanted little island.
photos: Annemie